1977 Trans Am Restoration

This part of the web site is dedicated to our 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. The car was purchased by my wife (read The Story) and we are the third and probably the last owners. For the most part the car was used regularly during good weather but the time has come to begin the full restore and stop fixing things as we go. The car is just plain fun to drive and I could never bring myself to do anything to it that would make it un drivable for any length of time.  Now that it has been hibernating for a couple of years I know I can't just hop in it and go. Now its just a matter of time and money and you all know how that goes. When I have the money I don't have the time and when I have the time I don't seem to have the money... One way or another I will get it done. It's been way too long since I've cruised the coast highways with the T-Tops of and the radio blaring. Some times I can almost hear it calling me from within the shop, "Drive me... DRIVE ME..."

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