The Story

This is a brief story of my 1965, Ford F-250 Pickup Truck. It's just about completely stock with a 300 straight six and 3 speed on the tree. The only modifications were a Sears aftermarket A/C unit, solid state voltage regulator and an exhaust header. Other than that it's as original as it gets. 

The truck was first purchased by my Grandpa from a man who ran a landscaping business. At the time the truck was about two years old and in perfect shape. My Grandpa and I used it as a daily driver, a moving truck, a dump truck, a camper truck, you name it, it did it... The truck was taken care of meticulously and has never had a major problem, well, nothing that a little duck tape and bailing wire couldn't fix. In 1987 I purchased the truck from my grandpa and continued to use it as a daily driver, a moving truck, a camper truck, etc... You would be surprised how many friends you have when you own a pickup truck. 

On one day, in 1994, I was driving down the freeway minding my own business when all hell broke lose. I was in the slow lane, of a 3 lane highway, when a semi truck pulled out on to the road from a construction area. The Toyota pickup in front of me slammed on his breaks, I slammed on my breaks, He had ABS, I didn't. I tried to swerve but with all four wheels locked up in a skid it didn't work out so well. I hit the left rear corner of the Toyota's bed with the right rear quarter of mine. The truck spun completely around, 2 times then slammed sideways into the divider wall and slid to a stop. What a ride... The entire left side of the truck was pretty messed up from sliding along the concrete divider. The front and rear bumpers were about 2 inches off center, and 3 rims were bent. The right rear quarter of the bed was really whacked out as well from the impact on the Toyota. Even with the extensive damage I drove to a local tire shop, just a few miles away, to have it checked out and have the spare put on. To my amazement there was no damage to the frame or suspension, even the alignment was still dead on. Outside of the crooked, wobbling wheels, structurally the truck was fine. I drove it the rest of the way home, replaced the bent wheels and continued to drive it daily from then on. 

Currently, the trucks in my back yard enduring the first stages of what will be a complete frame off restoration. The body will have to be completely re-done and some pieces will no doubt need to be replaced. That's the part that it's enduring, it looks like crap right now but that's OK. I know that underneath the mud and rust is a solid frame and drive train just waiting to be back on the road.