The Story

The Day It finally happened, the day I finally got the TA of my dreams.

On the eve of our 6th year wedding anniversary my wife gave it to me as a surprise gift. What a pleasant surprise. The TA is a 1977 Special Edition Black Trans Am. Black interior, Black Chrome exhaust, gold instrument panel, Perfect T-Tops, 403- 6.6 w/automatic. Gold Snowflakes. Basically, the works!
You see, she had been working this deal out for the past 4 months with my sister and her boyfriend. How she kept it a secret that long is still a mystery, but she did. All the way up to the night before our anniversary. Our actual anniversary was on Sunday, June 23rd, but we decided to go out on Saturday instead. Later that night, after dinner, she wanted me to swing by my dad's house for a few minutes. At this time I had no idea why, but I agreed to go by. When we got there, I, of course, noticed the T/A sitting out front. This is nothing unusual ,as you know, I notice every T/A I see. So we went in ,and I asked whose car was parked out front. My sister's boyfriend admitted that it was his, and I immediately had a whole new impression of the guy. Maybe he wasn't such a geek after all! So after a little chit chat, my sister asked if I wanted to go out and check out her boyfriend's car. Of course, I said "YEA!" Then he asked if I wanted to take it for a spin. I, of course, said "YEA!" Halfway up the block he said "so you like T/A's huh?" "Yea", I said, and "I wanted one ever since I was a kid". Then he said "Well, this one is for sale." I told him to "please not tell me that." I added though, that he could tell my wife if he wanted, but not to tell me. Then he said," Well, I did tell your wife, and she gave me some money tonight. So, your drivin' this home. It's yours! At this time I stopped the car in the middle of the street and told him that he didn't know me well enough to kid me that way, and that if he was kidding, I would have to kill him. When we got back, everyone was standing outside, cameras poised and smiles galore. Not to mention the one on my face a mile wide. So that is what happened and let me tell you, it was a night I will never forget.
This car is as close to the one in "Smokey and the Bandit" as you can get. My wife finally told me that she paid, $1,000.00 for it which put me into shock again. The lowest dollar amount that I have ever seen has been $1,500.00 and that was in worse shape than this one by far. It needs a lot of minor work, but that's it "MINOR WORK!" The hood bird was removed from the hood because it is a replacement and the paint was really bad. I'll admit that the car is in desperate need of a paint job and some minor body work. But that is all it really needs at this time. Everything else is in good shape. I am a firm believer of "If It Aint Broke, Don't Fix It". So I, oops, WE, have decided, to restore the car as it needs it. This way it wont be stuck in the garage for the next few years, and we can enjoy it. So first things first. Body, paint, things like that. The engine and transmission are both very strong and their are hardly any squeaks or chatters. You might see me driving down the road some day, and you'll know its me by the license plate frame, "GO AHEAD! CATCH THIS BANDIT" This car is truly a classic......