Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet)

Artist: David Pasquinelli
Model: Polar Lights, "Robby the Robot"
Material: Styrene
Genre: Sci-Fi

This is another one of those kits that I've wanted to do since I was a kid. I found it at our local hobby store for ten bucks so I couldn't pass it up. The kit went together very well and was fun to paint, once I was happy with the color. The real fun part was the idea I had for the base/display. Originally, I was going to light the kit from the inside and make a custom base but after looking into it, it was going to take more time and patience than I wanted to spend.  Then I found this cool little lighted base and it all came together very quickly. The images on the base were created by using a color printer and laminator. Cut to fit, attached with some Elmer's glue and presto! A custom, Lighted display stand that makes this little kit look WAY COOL!!! Unfortunately, the pictures don't do the lighted parts justice but it looks really neat sitting on the shelf. The base is lighted with LED's that act as small spot lights. The bottom ones shine upward onto Robby. The lighted tube that stands behind Robby has a motion effect than looks like it's moving in a downward direction. At the top of the motion bar is another LED that shines a spot on the Robby Logo with added Saucer image from the movie. At the bottom of the base is a scaled down image of the "Forbidden Planet" movie poster. I'm really happy with how this kit came out and it's really interesting to look at when the base is turned on.