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Welcome to the Arcade Games section of my Hobby Site. I began collecting Arcade Games during my time working for ATARI Games Corp. in California.  Originally, back in the late 70's, my dad worked for ATARI and one evening he took all of us kids to the private arcade. This was a HUGE room filled to the hilt with every popular game of the time and was for employee (and family) use only. Pure paradise for any kid and the best part was that they were all on FREE PLAY!!! That's right, no quarters needed and no waiting in line, we were the only kids there. Right then and there I told my self that one day I wanted to work for ATARI and one day, I did. I worked for ATARI 8 years and if things were different, I might still be. I loved working for ATARI, it was a blast. 

During my time there, I collected games, game boards, cabinets and a ton of parts. My first complete one was an old "Scull and Crossbones" game I purchased from a coworker for a great price. It needed cosmetic work but other than that it worked great, still does in fact. By the time I had left ATARI I had acquired quite a few games, some complete, some not so complete. This part of the site is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and collection of Arcade Video Games. Make a selection using the buttons on the left more more information.

P.S. ATARI will be back, I don't know how or when but someday it will...

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